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Suitable for the preparation of tinctures, concoctions, compresses, baths, inhalation cures and also for food processing. It is highly recommended as an ingredient in meals.

Trompetol organic hemp herb is obtained solely from legal hemp varieties authorized for cultivation in the EU.

Organic herba – the green part of the plant – has made its mark in history for its antibiotic and analgesic qualities, as well as its soothing, antiseptic, anaesthetic and healing qualities. Thanks to these qualities, the herb has proved successful and effective when treating various illnesses and problems.

It is used as a supportive agent in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, diabetes, AIDS,

the effects of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, mental problems, eating disorders, alcoholism, asthma, tuberculosis, skin problems and many others.

Suitable for food processing, the preparation of concoctions, extracts, compresses, baths, inhalation cures.

Its great antibiotic effects have been reaffirmed, and it has been successfully used also for its good analgesic and pain relieving effects.

Herb is obtained from the hemp varieties approved for cultivation in the EU, which contain <0.2% THC.

Sufficient dosage – up to 4g person/day unless specified otherwise.

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Composition (INCI)

Cannabis Sativa L., legal varieties of hemp cultivated in EU*
*organic production