All CANNABIOS cosmetics products are certified as natural organic cosmetics. The main component and the basis for the production is a combination of virgin olive oil, cold-pressed hemp seed oil and a unique extract from hemp plants. The unique composition ensures a content full of active hemp substances , including cannabinoids complex – especially the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol (CBD).

The cosmetics and its hemp ingredients are produced in a clean countryside at the foothills of the JesenĂ­ky mountains.

During the production, only nature-friendly methods are used, without using any processes or substances hazardous to the environment. The active hemp substances are obtained from legally cultivated varieties.

Hemp is known for its positive effects on the skin affected by various types of inflammation (eczema, sores, burns, fungal disease, the treatment of scars and stretchmarks …), the active ingredients of hemp relieve the pain, help to regenerate musculoskeletal system.

Cosmetics CANNABIOS is intended for external use only; it calms and soothes a wide range of skin problems.

It is a natural alternative to synthetic products. It can be used on daily basis to protect the skin and prevent it from drying out and damaging. It also treats very sensitive areas, such as lips or around the eyes.

All Organic hemp cosmetics CANNABIOS (Latin: Canna(bis) = hemp, bios = life) are made exclusively from organic herbal ingredients and additive minerals.

Certified organic natural cosmetics.